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With the personal protective equipment and other garments produced by us we contribute to the safety of your employees.

To guarantee the protective function of clothing, a professional maintenance and repair is mandatory. Please consider the care label mounted in the garments and the special sheet and manufacturer information enclosed in the delivery of clothing.
Here you will find brief information about the different care symbols:

machine washes with a full load, the number indicates the allowable wash temperature

machine wash at half load (gentle cycle)

machine wash with a third of the load (delicates)

hand wash only, no mechanical load possible

do not wash

chlorine or oxygen bleach

only oxygen bleach

no bleaching possible

tumble dry

no tumble drying possible

hanging drying on the clothesline

lying drying

ironing possible, the number of points indicates the iron temparature

ironing not possible

professional dry cleaning, the letter indicates the type of cleaning

cleaning with perchlorethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy gasoline)

cleaning with hydrocarbons (heavy gasoline)

wet cleaning without restrictions

professional dry cleaning, gentle process

professional dry cleaning, extra gentle process

no professional cleaning possible