Corporate Fashion

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With our clothes, your employees shall feel comfortable and motivated to master the everyday work.

The technician of an energy supplier takes care of the power supply in a single house. The airport staff is monitored by various passengers at the gate. A bike messenger travels many kilometers to transport mail quickly from A to B.

Every day, your employees come in contact with other people. They represent your company not only through their work, but also with their appearance.

We help you to show your positive corporate image through the clothing of your team.

Whether high visibility, weather protection or cold protection jackets, fleece or soft shell jackets, shirts, blouses, pants or overalls, both functionality and comfort of the clothing as well as appearance play an important role.

Of course our garments can be adapted to the corporate identity of your company, for example by mounting your company name and logo to the clothing.

For typical sectors and work areas for which we develop and produce special protective and safety clothing, see our category "Workwear".

Our team is happy to advise you. Together we will find the optimal solution for your needs.

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