You want optimum safety for your employees. Also, a consistent appearance is important to you. Whichever industry you work in, we find with you the perfect clothing for your team.

In a long tradition, we develop, design and produce personal protective equipment and other specialized clothing according to the latest textile technology. For us, a high quality of the garments comes first, because we guarantee compliance with important international and national standards. Furthermore "Made in Europe" is a given.

  • Workwear


    High visibility, weather protection, moisture protection, heat protection or protection against the cold - with personal protective equipment, individually tailored to your employees and their activities, safety is always first.

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  • Corporate Fashion

    Corporate Fashion

    Your employees represent your company not only through their work, but also with their appearance. Show your positive corporate image with our clothes.

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  • Police


    We incorporate our long-term experience regularly into the development and production of special clothing for various authorities in Germany and Europe.

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  • Military


    We offer protection and safety to German and European soldiers with our special military clothing.

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