To our company it is important to get involved not only in the field of workwear and protective clothing regarding the safety of people and their working conditions. Wattana GmbH supports various projects and initiatives in sports, culture and other fields to also be involved in the development of our society.

Grand Prix Party

As part of the Motocycle Grand Prix at the Sachsenring, Wattana supports the city of Hohenstein-Ernstthal in arranging the festivity at the Altmarkt.

FAST-Zweirad-Haus e.V.

Sponsorship of FAST-Zweirad-Haus e.V. from Zwickau.

Kappler Motorsport

Main partner / sponsor of Max Kappler - International German Moto3 Champion 2013. In 2015, Wattana is main partner of Kappler Motorsport, thus supporting a up-and-coming racing talent from the region.

Hospiz- und Palliativdienst Chemnitz e.V.

In September 2015, Wattana donated 500 euros to the Hospiz- und Palliativdienst Chemnitz e.V.

Kinderhospizdienst „Schmetterling“

In September 2015, Wattana donated 500 euro to the Kinderhospiz „Schmetterling“ des Elternvereins krebskranker Kinder e.V. in Chemnitz.

Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH (DKMS)

In June 2015, Wattana donated 2,000 euros to the Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH. This enabled financing of 40 typifications. Cause for the donation was a call of the student council of TU Chemnitz, which supports a fellow student who is affected with leukemia.

Förderverein THW Dresden

In October 2013, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the THW Förderverein Dresden, Wattana donated quality Gore-Tex weather protection garments, workwear and Windstopper jackets.

Tierheim Langenberg

In September 2013, Wattana donated 600 euro to the animal shelter Langenberg.

FC Erzgebirge Aue

In season 2006/2007, Wattana campaigned with perimeter advertising at the stadium of the football club FC Erzgebirge Aue and thus supported the East German football.