WATTANA board parkas of the German navy in action at the filming of a cooking show with Tim Mälzer

In the cooking show "Kittchen Impossible" Tim Mälzer competes with other chefs in various cooking duels. In the fifth episode of the first season it was Mälzer's task to cook a pea soup for 60 people on board of the "Ludwigshafen am Rhein", a corvette of the German navy.

About the moment of entry of the vessel Mälzer said: "The fact that everybody was in full gear, that was a little ... 'Well, look at that! Totally cool.'".

This outfit, in which the sailors were seen there, consisted, inter alia, of WATTANA board parkas. We are pleased that the parkas we keep on developing were shown so prominently. Although Tim Mälzer was not entirely convinced by his own vision, in his opinion the sailors in their board's uniform radiated the proper authority. This is, in addition to the corresponding multifunctionality of the clothes, also an important aspect.

WATTANA clothing in TV? Impressive!